Water Damage Photo Gallery

Busted Pipe

Busted Water Pipe

This is a picture of a water pipe that busted in a commercial building. When a pipe busts like this, water will continue to flow threw out a building until the water is shut off. It's a good practice to know where all of your shut off valves are.

SERVPRO of Fayette County

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


Water spots due to water damage.

Sign of a busted pipe.

This photo shows how you can detect that you have a water leak in your home. The water problem was due to a busted pipe in an upstairs bathroom. You can see how visible the water stains are in the ceiling in the floor beneath the bathroom.  If you see water circles on your ceiling, you should  immediately check to see where water is leaking from and shut off the water valve to the source. Then call a SERVPRO professional.



Ceiling collapse due to water damage

Damage due to water damage

This is a picture of a bedroom, heavily damaged due to water damage. The ceiling fell in, causing debris to be all over the home and ruining this bed.

Hauling ruined carpent

Removal of carpet

This carpet was ruined due to a water line bursting in a home. SERVPRO professionals can remove, haul away and will properly dispose of carpeting and padding.

Flooded Crawlspace

As you can see in this photo, there is water about 2 ft deep throughout the entire crawlspace that I believe is under the porch of this family's home.

Water Pipe Leak

 Shown in this photo is a leaking pipe coming from the family's hot water tank. The leak caused significant water to soak the carpets in the rooms around where the pipe was leaking.

Floor Cleaning

Here is our SERVPRO crew at work cleaning the basement floor at a near by high school. The crew is hard at work using squeegees to push the excess water outside through the door.  

Flooded Basement in Fayette County

This basement was affected by a nasty flood that came through the Connellsville area sometime in late August of 2016. The homeowner made the right call by contacting SERVPRO of Fayette County, and was very surprised by how quickly we got rid of all the water.