Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Drying Equipment

Proper Equipment

When a storm causes water to come into your home, it is important to have the proper equipment to dry out your home. Not have a structure properly dried can cause more problems. 

SERVPRO of Fayette County

Tracie "Dusty" Nichols


Water Damage to Ceiling Lamp

Water logged lamp

This is a picture of a ceiling lamp that took on water due to a roof leaking. The roof was leaking because of a bad storm that came threw with heavy wind and rain. You can see how the lamp held the water as if it was a bowl.

Total loss of a structure due to fire.

Demolished structure

This fire that was caused by lighting, destroyed the entire building. SERVPRO can remove left over debris that is left from a fire. 

A hole in the ceiling caused by powerful winds from a storm.

Strong Winds

In this photo there is a hole in the ceiling due to high winds from a powerful storm that rolled through. Storm damage can cause a multitude of problems that can happen like a domino effect. 

Aftermath of a storm in Uniontown

Hole in Ceiling

This was what happened after a powerful storm came through with high speed winds causing structure damage as well as damage to a water pipe in the house. This is the aftermath of the water getting into the infrastructure of the house. 

Storm damage to house roof

What you see in this photo is a roof that has been ripped up due to a storm that did significant damage, with water leaking in causing a lot of the family's possessions to be ruined.

Storm caused muddy mess

Pictured in this photo is a crawlspace that has been hit with tons of water from a flood that came through the Connellsville area. As you can see, it left a family's home a mess.